FREE BenefIT 4 Training Courses


The Doorway Project will be providing a series of short BenefIT 4 training courses in association with Donegal Volunteer Centre. Each course will be delivered in two sessions x 3 hours with a tea break included and will be ongoing over the coming months.

Course Aims:

This course aims to bring participants up to speed with today's web technologies and show them how to integrate the new skills into their daily lives in order to; book tickets, pay bills, watch TV programmes online etc This course is aimed at absolute beginners and class numbers will be small so that each person gets a chance to have one-to-one attention, as well as having the option of choosing what they want to learn, for example: booking a holiday online or setting up an email account etc. This is a learner-friendly, people-focussed class. There is no pressure or tests.

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