Aims and Objectives of The Doorway Project


To help bring together, integrate, build the capacity and celebrate the diversity of our community through the provision of accessible facilities and a range of innovative programme in IT, arts and culture.


To raise the quality of family life by enabling local parents to participate in training programmes and through low-cost quality childcare access job opportunities.


To provide an open community facility to foster networking and a sense of community to occur naturally- regardless of people's background, ages or social situation.

Specific Objectives

Open Computer Access

To introduce people of all ages to IT in friendly, supportive and welcoming environment through participation in arts-related programmes, basic courses and accredited programmes.


IT Leading to Personal and Professional Development

To enable community members to use IT as a conduit to building confidence and skills and to transfer these skills to the arts, assisting in community projects, and to enhance their parenting skills and to enhance employability.


Arts Programmes

Arts Programmes to build bridges between sections of the communities: To offer an affordable and accessible music and arts programme, to increase the understanding of local communities of other cultures, faiths, backgrounds and countries customs and traditions.


Open Community House

To provide a safe, family friendly and welcoming community space suitable for networking, quiet study and a place to access information.


Accessible, quality childcare

To offer parents affordable and subsidised childcare spaces in order for parents to avail of training, education or employment while providing children with quality care.


Positive Youth Programming

To provide youth, and especially youth 'at risk' with a variety of services, events and projects to come together in a safer, positive environment.


Work in partnership to build a better community

To continue to build a partnership approach with other agencies, organisations and community members to work towards a positive local community.


Develop a Communications Strategy

Through new promotion and outreach to the community is the best way to reach those that are socially excluded / new to the community and to provide opportunities for community members to gain communications-related skills, for example: newsletter writing, website development etc.

The Doorway Project offers innovative courses aimed at developing the skills of members of local marginalised and socially excluded communities, which will improve their employment opportunities. Initiatives in IT and the Arts to build self-esteem and confidence, leading to individuals feeling like valued and contributing members of society.

The Doorway Project offers and supports all level of participation from the community from the 'active' programmes, such as training courses on a needs-led basis to 'passive' programmes such as open access computer/internet or offering local resources/quiet study space.

By providing open IT sessions allowing people from marginalised groups to access information, build confidence on the computer while allowing for CV development, administration services (e.g. photocopying, printing etc.) that would enhance applying for jobs and local educational opportunities.

We aim to create a supportive environment, built around an 'open house' idea in order to allow for peer support in IT, Career building skills along with inter-generational, intercultural and cross community networking based on common interests in IT, Culture and the Arts.


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