The Doorway Project Community Childcare Centre

The Doorway Project Community Childcare Centre is located in the centre of Letterkenny close to Letterkenny General Hospital and all of the local schools and colleges.

The Doorway Project Community Childcare premises has been renovated and extended and designed to meet the children's needs and also to meet with all Childcare Regulations. We cater for children aged 2 years to 12 years.

Pre-school / Playgroup

The Doorway Project Preschool / Playgroup takes place daily (Monday – Friday) from 9.30am – 12.30pm for choldren aged 2 years – schoolgoing age. The Doorway Project is registered for the ECCE Government Pre School Scheme which provides a free pre-school year for children in the year before they start primary school. FREE preschool places are available for children aged 3 years who qualify under the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)scheme and affordable rates for those children who do not qualify for free.

The Doorway Project Curriculum

At The Doorway Project we aim to provide the individual care and opportunities that children need to develop to their full potential. Children are provided with the opportunity to learn in a holistic way focusing on the specified areas of learning and development. We provide planned activities for children to choose from while at the same time allowing experiences that enable children to think and act on their own initiative, thus learning about themselves and the social world in which they live. Research shows that very young learners need special provision. For children play is at the very centre of their lives. It is through play that they explore, experiment and learn. Children learn best by experiencing things first hand, by trying out and mastering new skills, concepts and experiences. They are in control of learning and therefore cannot fail.

Our program of learning encompasses everything that the children experience during their time in our care. Interactions with other children and staff members, the daily routine and play experiences both indoor and outdoor, all present learning opportunities for the young child. Observing your child's progress is an important part of our daily routine at The Doorway Project. Through themed planned activities we can monitor your child's learning and development and ensure that they are fully supported to reach their full potential.

Of course learning doesn't just take place when it is planned so it is important therefore that we have a curriculum that is flexible, caters for the individual needs of each child and embraces the incidental learning that occurs on a day to day basis.

The Doorway Project After-school/School Age Childcare Service

The Doorway Project After School Service believes that all children in primary school education should have an opportunity to be cared for in an environment such as the one we offer. Our daily routine includes homework supervision, fun activities including art & craft, music, dance, daily routine includes computers, outdoor activities and lots of opportunities for socialisation. There is lots of time for free play and socialisation Homework and Snack breaks are firmly scheduled. Choice is an important aspect of The Doorway Project approach and although most children choose to participate in the fun activities, they always have the choice to do something different. We strive to build each child's sense of independence and responsibility, so everyone participates in planning acvtivities, setting the table for meals, and in cleaning up afterwards.

Ideas Notice Board We display each child's ideas for games and activities to be implimented during the week as a prominent symbol of our belief that children thrive on being taken seriously, and on being given both responsibilities and respect. Our After School Club is a year-round programme, offering after school services during school terms and also offering day-long school age childcare programmes during school breaks and throughout the summer.

The Doorway Project Parent & Toddler Group

Meets on Wednesdays.

Positions Available:
The Doorway Project Community Childcare Centre
Position Vacant: Childcare Worker – JobBridge Internship
Hours: 35 Hours per week
Qualifications: Minimum Level 6 in Childcare
No experience required


The Doorway Project Community Childcare Centre
Positions Vacant: Relief Staff
Qualification:   Minimum Early Years Education Degree or Equivalent
Experience Required:   3 years' experience
Hours of Work:  Cover as needed
Closing Date of Applications:   Ongoing


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